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gammu.org reorganization
Submitted by marcin on Sun 28-Mar-2010

English blog

As you probably know, I'm hosting some content (articles, materials, etc.) on the gammu.org. Some time ago I have decided, that it's not updated from longer time and additionally MediaWiki is not developed too much. I have decided to make some reorganization:

  1. moving all non-GSM content to the mwiacek.com (this page)
  2. moving some GSM content to the wammu.eu and some to the mwiacek.com (like blog entries)
  3. making gammu.org redirection to the wammu.eu

Point 1 almost done, point 2 partially done, 3 will be done soon (gammu.org will be available in the provider's domain up to the moment when payed period will end)

In near future I will maybe reactivate Gammu+ or join Gammu again. I have in plans some sync engine for smartphones (as alternative). We will see...

Any comments ?