Policy privacy for APN in Google Play / Polityka prywatności dla APN w Google Play

Android set APNs according to SIM card network code, application makes it according to network code and network name saved on the SIM card:

1. none of user data (SIM card serial number, SIM card IMSI, SIM card network, phone network number) are saved in device or transmitted from device

2. application is changing internal phone APN database: can use internal database (you can export it) or external file with data, changes are done on user request, on the start or when network type change


Quality in quality assurance glossaries from ISTQB/SJSI + new ISTQB Glossary in Google Play (2014)

I've just released new version of ISTQB glossary.

During creating it I have checked automatically links from topic to topic in extracts from ISTQB glossary 2.4 and SJSI glossary 2.2.2:

Show me heaven

Hey baby, I need your hand,
help me and understand,
I'm frightened more than you,
though I'm barely touching you,
you've such amazing grace...

Hey baby, show me heaven today,
shake me like yesterday,
come over here above it all,
help me before next fall,
you've such amazing grace...

Hey baby, hold me so tight,
hold me morning, day, night,
I've shivers down my spine
and it feels so divine,
you've such amazing grace...

Barry White....

I will say yes to you,
but let me in thru
and let me just know,
that I can now come,

And I will love here
and make us hot there
and hold you in arms
with all your charms,

I will say yes to you,
but let me in thru
and let me just know,
that I can now come,

And I will kiss here
and feel you there
and hold you with arms
with all your charms,

I will say yes to you,
but let me in thru
and let me just know,
that I can now come,

What is HTML5 ? (2013)

http://www.w3.org/community/webed/wiki/HTML/Specifications shows, that current version of HTML is 4.01 and version 5 is in draft only...but in the same time everybody is proving compliance with it. Big fun...that we're all using beta version of something and we're happy from it :)

Light and small ? (2013)

I decided to make quick and dirty comparison of some parameters of selected OS. I measured values once, because for me it was the most interesting to get only quantity. I have selected number of bytes written/read from HDD and number of bytes sent/received over network. Why ?

People are using more and more often SSD/flash memories, which have specified number of write cycles and people are using more and more often network connections with data limits.

Here are results, I have used mainly values observed by VirtualBox functions:

ISTQB glossary (2013)


There were many formats of documents created over years, ISTQB provides own glossary in PDF format. I decided to convert it some time ago to form of Android application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mwiacek.istqb.glossary. You can search topics, jump to related topics, etc. Small, fast, effective.

e-ink and what's wrong with IT in 2013 (showed on the example...) (2013)

Are you working a lot with computers ? Are your eyes tired because of it ? Yes, the most often they are.

Post PC era -> is it really market regulated ?

In various places we can read, that PC (Personal Computers like notebooks and desktops) are less and less popular.

What can be reason for it ?

Standard X86 platform is of course much better and faster, but... many users complain about generally worse quality, worse screens and various "revolutionary" solutions (which allow to save few $ for manufacturers, but make a lot of problems for users).


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