Gammu future ?

Michal Čihař:

as you probably noticed that I'm not so active here as I used to be, I've written down something about Gammu future on my blog:

Marcin Wiącek (me): - some period is closed

Like promised I have closed in current form.

Started 1 April 2005 under address, in April 2006 was moved into current domain (

First in the form of static pages, later created using MediaWiki.

I was publishing there some non GSM texts too, tried to make some phone database with info about firmware changes, versions, pictures....

Big shame, but don't worry...

What next ? reorganization

As you probably know, I'm hosting some content (articles, materials, etc.) on the Some time ago I have decided, that it's not updated from longer time and additionally MediaWiki is not developed too much. I have decided to make some reorganization:

  1. moving all non-GSM content to the (this page)
  2. moving some GSM content to the and some to the (like blog entries)


Project is currently a little bit suspended

Gammu+ is project, where were created applications, scripts and drivers used for managing all possible functions in cellular phones and similiar devices. Currently we're creating core and some client applications using it (GUI and command line version).


Gammu+ can be named as next step in evolution. I started to think about new project written in C++ using classes somewhere in August 2002.

Main start targets were easy:


Project is currently developed by Michal Čihař.
For the latest one information please refer to the

Gammu is a project which encompasses applications, scripts and drivers for managing various functions on cellular phones and similiar devices.

Report 2009-12-28

Few words from me... We're ending 2009 year. Some summary, plans and similar.

I was thinking a lot about developing for Maemo 5 (Nokia N900) platform. Unfortunately, in my opinion this is wasting time in this moment (or at least I can't pay for it in 100% from my money).

Report 2009-02-09

Content moved from blog

Few notes:

Will be payed by me for next year, I will do some wiki updates soon. If you want something else, please let me know. For now you can read various notes about Windows 7 in Articles section.


I have moved 0.40.02 tarball to

Report 2008-05-25

Content moved from blog


In the time, when we have various widely commented things on the world (Olimpic Games in China, ACTA regulations about ending P2P, Microsoft Windows Vista), Gammu history still can continue (although it's difficult - see info here) and continues.

Today there was released new release 0.40 for Gammu+. It brings new important features:

  • partial support for SyncML based backups. It works without any problems for example with some Symbian devices (tested on N82).

Report 2007-12-10

Content moved from blog

I would like to speak shortly about differences between Gammu and Gammu+ now. This will be linked from main page. This is my opinion and you don't have to agree with it...

First Gammu - released with GPL2 license is currently lead by Michal. Quite big and supporting many devices. You can have worse support in Windows than earlier and I don't like some things inside, but development goes forward. Michal will give probably also less for Nokia devices than I.

Report 2007-12-09

Content moved from blog

Gammu+ 0.38 is out. I have added configure script, which can enable Bluez AFTER USER ACTION. You have written many times, that source after patching is GPL2 licensed. Please note, that in my opinion it doesn't break GPL2 - if you will have patched source, you can remove Bluez driver (yes, this can be very easy separated) and release source under other license:

 "If identifiable sections of that work are not derived from the Program, 


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