Gammu future ?

Michal Čihař:

as you probably noticed that I'm not so active here as I used to be, I've written down something about Gammu future on my blog:

Marcin Wiącek (me):

Dlaczego (nie) Samsung ? Dlaczego (nie) Android ? Kilka komentarzy o Galaxy S... (2010, wersja 1.01)

Przestrzeń dyskowa 8/16 GB, Bluetooth, kamera (a dokładniej dwie), gniazdo 3,5mm do słuchawek, głośnik i mikrofon, złącze micro-USB, czytnik kart micro-SD, radio FM z RDS, sprzętowy akcelerator grafiki, wewnętrzny modem. Czy to opis kolejnego notebooka ?

Why (not) Samsung ? Why (not) Android ? Few comments from using Samsung Galaxy S... (2010, version 1.01)

8/16 GB disk space, Bluetooth, Wifi, camera (or more precise: two), headphones 3,5 mm jack, microphone and speakers, micro-USB, micro-SD card reader, FM radio with RDS, graphic accelerator, internal modem. Is it new computer model ?

No - it's Samsung Galaxy S. 4" touchscreen, proximity sensor, big battery, Android and some other make, that it's probably the best phone released during this year... Samsung already sold more than 5 millions of units and is planning to sell 10 millions to the end of 2010. Is it ideal ? - some period is closed

Like promised I have closed in current form.

Started 1 April 2005 under address, in April 2006 was moved into current domain (

First in the form of static pages, later created using MediaWiki.

I was publishing there some non GSM texts too, tried to make some phone database with info about firmware changes, versions, pictures....

Big shame, but don't worry...

What next ?

Nokia top model N900 sales below 100,000 & Microsoft: 30 Million Windows Phone 7 devices will be sold by the end of 2011

Two interesting articles from last time: Microsoft: 30 Million Windows Phone 7 devices will be sold by the end of 2011 and Nokia top model N900 sales below 100,000: Gartner

My answer: first is system, which will probably not have many features known from competitors. Second is system, which was not supported correctly by own manufacturer. How could you think, that they could be successful ?

N82 review (2008)

In many places you can read about about excellent features of Symbian devices. This article will show some their advantages and disadvantages in normal life on N82 example... In many places I will speak about iPhone and other too...


The more advanced phone, the shortest battery life. This is how we can describe devices created by Nokia and many other manufacturers. My question is: can't be created and produced for example 1600 mAh batteries (like in PDA) for them ?

Gammu+ internals

I will want to document some internals of project here... This page will grow with project...

First of all, let's start to explain what we need to comunicate with phone... The most important is OS driver for medium used for communication (irda, BT, cable). It's external (for example provided by hardware manufacturer) and installed in OS.

We can separate our project into two things:

  • common part (in common directory)
  • client applications (for example command-line version from gplus directory)

Cellular technology history (2006 - 2007)

This text was written mainly by Marcin Wiącek, one of main authors of the software presented here. Information here was written from the point of view and knowledge of a man living in Europe. It was collected from many (official and unofficial) sources and is provided only to give a more complete historical info.

This can be treat as blog, roadmap, some Nokia related story or many other things. You can choose the best interpretation here...and probably each one will be good.

Report 2007-04-07

Content moved from blog

I was playing today with latest PC Suite from Nokia (6.83) and NSU. I decided to write few words about it...

Installer: 23 MB, on HDD the same... It looks nice (better than earlier versions), but doesn't have too many functions and in many places you have info about DRM only (for example: why the hell does it read standard phone applets and waste user time, when few seconds later speak, that it's DRM protected ?). And in license you have a lot of info, what you can't with it...


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