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Tizen SDK Larkspur 1.0 (2012)

Many years ago Windows systems were more popular. Microsoft created CHM then. It was compressed archive/file including HTML files (with CSS, Java Script, etc.) with additional TOC, indexes and similar things. I have used it for various purposes and even today it's possible to open and read many of these files. Example for it can be "The HTML Reference Library 4.0" (my conversion of original release prepared by Stephen Le Hunte).

Comment about Geimini - quo vadis Android... (2011, version 2.0)

The most popular desktop operating system is still Windows XP (it's visible in many reports and logs). Many people were complaining over years about problems with its' security (there were also written from time to time some very fast spreading viruses or worms using some bugs inside) or privacy (Microsoft was suspected and criticized for collecting some user data or statistics).

Comment about Geimini - quo vadis Android... (2011, version 1.1)

"New Android Trojan... It contains botnet capabilities... It's stealing many user data..." - many sites were writing such alarming notes about Geimini during last weeks (including Mobile-Review).

Why (not) Samsung ? Why (not) Android ? Few comments from using Samsung Galaxy S... (2010, version 1.01)

8/16 GB disk space, Bluetooth, Wifi, camera (or more precise: two), headphones 3,5 mm jack, microphone and speakers, micro-USB, micro-SD card reader, FM radio with RDS, graphic accelerator, internal modem. Is it new computer model ?

No - it's Samsung Galaxy S. 4" touchscreen, proximity sensor, big battery, Android and some other make, that it's probably the best phone released during this year... Samsung already sold more than 5 millions of units and is planning to sell 10 millions to the end of 2010. Is it ideal ?

Thinking about Windows 7 (2008-2009)

I'm observing Windows 7 blog and I have a lot of comments... I will try to update this page from time to time. Maybe not too many people will read this page, but... I don't search my 5 minutes of fame too.

Why you should not touch Windows 6.x and Linux (2009)

I’m using various operating systems for making some tasks. In this article I will show, that some solutions used in currently in the most popular or known (in my opinion) operating systems are obsolete. I hope that it will start some discussion here and there…

To be clear: I don’t think, that everything everywhere is wrong. But Windows environment seems to collapse after Windows XP and we still won’t have Linux too popular in desktops (because of some fundamental problems). Details are provided below.

100 reasons why you shouldn't touch Vista (2007-2009)

This document contains summary of various disadvantages available in Windows Vista collected from various sources and own experiences. I hope, that this page become popular and somebody from MS decide about eliminating some of described here issues in next Windows version.

Although for some users this system can be good and although author likes some new features inside, generally doesn't recommend this system now.

Windows 7 Beta 1

Here is list of problems with beta 1 (build 7000). I was using laters VMWare Player, 10 GB HDD + 1 GB RAM (PC with 3 GB RAM and C2D 7300).

Installation and upgrade

  1. No extended partition creating during setup
  2. No directory selecting for system (it's always installed in Windows directory on selected disk)
  3. There is created additional partition 200 MB

Security and privacy

  1. There is disabled by default displaying files extensions...
  2. There are still available shares C$, D$, E$,...

N82 review (2008)

In many places you can read about about excellent features of Symbian devices. This article will show some their advantages and disadvantages in normal life on N82 example... In many places I will speak about iPhone and other too...


The more advanced phone, the shortest battery life. This is how we can describe devices created by Nokia and many other manufacturers. My question is: can't be created and produced for example 1600 mAh batteries (like in PDA) for them ?

Gammu+ internals

I will want to document some internals of project here... This page will grow with project...

First of all, let's start to explain what we need to comunicate with phone... The most important is OS driver for medium used for communication (irda, BT, cable). It's external (for example provided by hardware manufacturer) and installed in OS.

We can separate our project into two things:

  • common part (in common directory)
  • client applications (for example command-line version from gplus directory)


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